Fort Worth, Texas police have arrested 4 Texas Christian University football players on pot charges. According to the police, Texas Christian football players are a lot like other college students.

By age 25, 53.5% of Americans have used marijuana. Playing ball for TCU doesn’t make these kids any different.

The vast majority of marijuana users never run into the law. But when they do, young lives can be ruined.

In some states (Massachusetts, Colorado, California) the players would only face a civil fine if caught. Maryland is far, far behind. Maryland doesn’t even have a system in place to get marijuana to seriously ill patients, like cancer sufferers and AIDS patients.

In Texas, the repercussions for these TCU football players are likely to be severe.

The police allege that the players sold small amounts to their buddies (who were actually undercover cops) opening these kids up to felony charges of distribution.

Stay tuned.


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