D.C. Pretrial Services had promised to stop testing criminal defendants for marijuana in January 2012.  But what’s really happening? Based on 5 recent Superior Court cases, testing for cannabis seems to have indeed ended.

Every person charged in D.C. Superior Court has to provide a urine sample. Most drugs stay in your system 4 to 8 hours, but traces of pot can remain in your urine for up to a month. The result? Many occasional marijuana smokers found themselves in an unneeded drug program or facing the wrath of a judge for testing positive.

Fortunately, due to monetary concerns, D.C. Pretrial Services promised to stop testing for pot, unless specifically requested by a judge.

It was difficult to predict whether this would be a real change, or whether every judge would just add marijuana. In our past 5 Superior Court cases, the testing results have indicated that a marijuana test is no longer part of the normal urine screen.

For some reason, neither is amphetamines, so there you go. Finally, “water loading” is still part of the test. So anyone, including marijuana smokers, who tries to dilute their urine by drinking plenty of water still gets an automatic fail.


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