DEA’s spying even broader than NSA’s: “it would be very hard to justify it to the public or the courts”

deaThe New York Times is reporting today the DEA’s phone database vastly exceeds that of the NSA, encompassing all AT&T phone records for the past 26 years!

What does DEA do with all of our phone records? Tracks down and busts people for marijuana. With the popularity of cocaine and heroin way down, marijuana has become the go to drug for law enforcement.

Crack is passé. Usage is down almost 80% from its peak. Heroin is out too. Injectable drugs lost their appeal after HIV/Aids hit.

Besides, big Pharm is supplying an endless supply of Oxycontin (an opiate) and Adderall (an amphetamine). Who needs street drugs when you can get the real thing if your back hurts, or you need extra concentration at work or school. So what’s left for the DEA to enforce? Weed.

While young people today use significantly less cocaine, heroin, hard alcohol and tobacco than my generation (baby boomers), marijuana usage has remained steady and even risen some.  No surprise here, considering that we raised the age for buying beer from 18 to 21. With pot usage comes enforcement, and with enforcement comes questions about privacy and civil rights. Read more at Huffington.


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