SpiceThey may sell them in gas stations and convenient stores, but Maryland officially declared synthetic cannabinoids – commonly called “Spice” “K2″ “crazy Clown” or  just “bath salts” – illegal for sale or possession.

Synthetic cannabinoids imitate the effects of marijuana, are have been sold in smoke shops, convenience stores and on the web for years. With the price of real weed skyrocketing, many young people are turning to synthetic pot as a replacement.

Other popular brand names for synthetic marijuana include: Blaze, Blueberry Haze, Dank, Demon Passion Smoke, Genie, Crazy Clown, Hawaiian Hybrid, Magma, Ninja, Nitro, Ono Budz, Panama Red Ball, Puff, Sativah Herbal Smoke, Skunk, Ultra Chronic and Voodoo.

The maximum penalties for synthetic marijuana range from 20 years in prison or $25,000 in fines for distribution or possession with the intent to distribute (PWID). Those convicted of simple possession of Spice or K2 face up to four years in jail or $25,000 in fines.

Last month, a large Maryland Spice lab was busted.

Trouble is synthetic marijuana is unregulated and possibly dangerous.  It’s just an assortment of chemicals sprayed onto other chemicals. Spice-related hospitalizations are up – most recently in Georgia, where 8 people were hospitalized after smoking synthetic marijuana called “Crazy Clown.”

If you have been busted for synthetic marijuana, contact Mr. Zukerberg or other experienced defense counsel.


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