Zuk Sues DC Board of Elections – Office of AG must stay on 2014 Ballot

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, Paul Zukerberg, an attorney in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, D.C., filed suit in the D.C. Superior Court against the District of Columbia Board of Elections, and the D.C. Council, to secure the rights of District of Columbia voters to elect an Attorney General in 2014.

On November 2, 2010, District of Columbia voters overwhelmingly approved a referendum which created an elected Attorney General.

According to Zukerberg’s Complaint, District voters “had grown tired of political corruption, bribery, theft, campaign fraud, and bad government, and through the initiative process, determined that they wished to have an elected Attorney General, whose decisions could be judged at the ballot box, and whose voice would be independent of the Mayor and Council.”

Instead of implementing the will of the voters, Zukerberg’s Complaint alleges that “on July 10, 2013, shortly before 10:00 p.m., without a hearing, the D.C. Council voted eight- to-five to overturn the Elected Attorney General Charter Amendment, by removing the office of Elected Attorney General from the 2014 ballot.”

Zukerberg’s law suit, filed on behalf of himself and other similarly situated D.C. voters, seeks to restore the office of Elected Attorney General to the 2014 ballot.

“If the Council can cancel the election for Attorney General, they can cancel the election for mayor, or their own election, and we will be left with nothing but tyranny,” Zukerberg said.

“This suit is about respecting the will of the people, and the right of District voters to choose their own elected officials,” said Zukerberg.

“And this suit is about D.C. voting rights,” said Zukerberg. “We are at a crucial phase in our long battle to secure representation in Congress for 640,000 D.C. citizens. If our elected officials do not respect our right to vote, they have no credibility in demanding from Congress and the President full and equal voting rights for District residents.”Allt fler amerikaner vill legalisera marijuana - P3 Nyheter | Sveriges Radio


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